AtmanShanti chants Gate Gate Parasam Gate


Atman Shanti chants from the Heart Sutra of Lord Buddha „Gate Gate Parasam Gate“ – a part of the Heart Sutra–Artikel/Herzsutra.html – if you listen to her chanting you can hear that AtmanShanti does it in overtone singing style. „Gate Gate Parasam Gate“ can be translated with „Gone, agone, past, all passed away, awake, rejoice!“ Or „Furthermore, beyond, further beyond, beyond, beyond the Enlightenment, and further“ You can listen more chantings by AtmanShanti on her CD „Atman Shanti Shanti Grace which you can find in our Yoga Vidya Shop: – Om Shanti.

Atman Shanti https: / / sings the mantra „Gate Gate Gate Parasam from the with lots of overtones.