Bansuri chanted by Atman Shanti


Atman Shanti chants during a Saturday evening Satsang the kirtan „Krishna as the one who makes the wonderful flute. The flute is the call of the soul. The flute stands for all vibrations and all manifestations are ultimately a divine creation. The flute stands for that we want to be so hollow, want to be as empty as a flute, so that God can play through this body flute. You can find the full text to sing along in the Yoga Vidya Kirtanheft under number 162 or as well here:

Bansuri Bansuri
Bansuri Shyama Ki // 1 //

Hey Rama … // 2 //

Hey Krishna … // 3 //

Hey Jesus … // 4 //

He Buddha // 5 //

O My Lord … Be With Me,
O My Lord … Set Me Free // 6 //

O Mein Gott… Steh Mir Bei,
O Mein Gott… Mach‘ Mich Frei // 7 //