Simona chants Kali Durge


Simona chants the mantra Kali Durge. In Hindu mythology Kali represents time and nature. The word Kali comes from „Kaala“, which means on the one hand black and on the other hand time. People call her Kali – The Black One. The three aspects of cosmic function – creation, preservation and destruction – be done in time. You can see this in the symbolic expression that Kali is dancing on Shiva’s chest – the Mahakala of the eternity. Kali’s three eyes see the past, present and future. Their bright white teeth symbolizing Sattva and purity. The protruding tongue means rajas, the active principle in nature.

Durga embodies the all-powerful creative force and consciousness of supreme power (God). She is the divine mother-goddess, she is powerful and as a female deity the best expression of nature. She appears as Durga in order to combat demons. Durga is the most well-known form of Shakti worship. Durga is friendly, kind and merciful to those who are devoted to her. She fulfills the wishes of their supporters who pray with a sincere heart to her. She provides material and spiritual wealth. People who are seeking God call her with the request to destroy all their wishes and realize their highest selves. She helps with the destruction of our inner negative forces, weaknesses and pettiness. On earth, she has the role to eliminate the demons that plague the gods and men. If you’d like more information about this, we recommend you to visit a seminar at Yoga Vidya – Enjoy! Om Shanti